Our Services


Unlike some veterinary surgeries, our consultations are booked for a full 15 minutes, so that we hope you don’t feel unduly rushed. We try to accommodate special circumstances as much as possible.

Out of hours service

A traditional approach is followed where we provide our own Out of Hours service between the two surgeries. You will normally speak to a vet when you phone after hours, who will evaluate your case as well as is possible over the telephone, to decide whether your animal needs to be seen immediately or not, and meet you at one of the surgeries. Out of hours fees apply.

Home visits

We believe that the best care can be given at the surgery where all facilities are at hand, but in special cases or at request we are able to fit in a home visit.

Procedures / Operations

Operations are performed from Monday to Friday in our fully equipped operating theatres in Alderholt and Three Cross surgeries. Animals needing surgery can be admitted anytime between 9.00 – 11.00 am to suit your schedule. Most animals will be able to go home the same afternoon. Emergencies are obviously given priority.


Any overnight hospitalisation is usually at our Alderholt branch, where there is a vet on site for 24 hour monitoring.


Although we can and do treat all sorts of complaints, illnesses and injuries, including advanced orthopaedics, there are from time to time those which are best dealt with by an expert in that particular field. If this is the case we will recommend that we refer your pet to another, specialist vet. This may be to an ophthalmologist; specialist orthopaedic surgeon; dermatologist or whatever is appropriate, and we will liaise with them on your behalf.


We have our own, up-to-date facilities at Alderholt, Threecross and Southbourne, for taking and processing X-rays, so that we can identify various problems swiftly.


We have our own modern ultrasound facilities here, to check for pregnancy, pyometra (infection of the womb), scanning the abdominal organs, lumps, etc. Anything needing specialist ultrasound scanning would be referred to a local dedicated ultrasound specialist.


Standard blood tests, etc. are done in-house, but any more advanced pathology/histology samples that need to be identified are sent out to referral laboratories, who have the specialist knowledge to then advise as to diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Dog Training

We cater for the full spectrum of dog training, at our Three Cross Surgery, from specialist behavioural problems to obedience and agility training, starting off with puppy parties for that all important socialisation experience within the first 16 weeks. Access and parking space is well catered for and convenient for all, including disabled persons. The training paddocks are secure and well suited to expose dogs to a real outdoor environment, with ponies, wild rabbits and chickens acting as natural distractions to be overcome. Heather Gibson runs the very popular Threecross Agility Group.


A combination of hydro- and physiotherapy and gentle post operative exercise is best to speed up and promote healing. At our own canine hydrotherapy swimming pool we offer rehabilitation sessions as well as weightloss and fitness sessions. A hydro-treadmill enhances certain exercises. If your dog just loves swimming, you are also welcome to book appointments for fun swims!


Veterinary physiotherapy can enhance your pet’s rehabilitation and recovery. Through palpation and gait analysis physiotherapy can help find the origin of pain and treat the problem with non-invasive techniques.
Physiotherapy may help if:

  • Your pet has had recent surgery, injury or accident
  • Developed problems going up or down the stairs
  • Become stiff
  • Been diagnosed with arthritis
  • You’ve noticed unusual behaviour changes
  • Treatments are unique to each patient and condition. The main types of treatments offered are massage, strengthening exercises, soft tissue and joint mobilisation, electrotherapies and owner education and advise.
    For further information please call Olivia Naisbitt on 07787572511 or visit www.vetphysiocentre.co.uk.

    Nurse Clinics

    Please ask if you would be interested in attending any of the following clinics:

    • The geriatric dog
    • Health screening
    • General rabbit care

    Dog Grooming

    Verwood Canine Studios offer grooming services at our Three Cross site.
    Klair Beckley and her team are well known in the area for the great work they do.