Shelley Mitchell


Shelley has spent her entire life owning and working with animals. Shelley started her working life as a Veterinary Assistant in an Equine Practice.

Her love of horses, however, made her focus on competing and teaching others to ride, both astride and side saddle. Shelley’s career saw her competing at Goodwood, The National Side Saddle Championships and the Royal International Horse Show before deciding to slow down to raise a family.

Shelley is now Mum to James & Sophie and Grandmother to Lincoln, all of whom started learning to ride with her before they could walk. In addition to her horses, Shelley currently has Chickens, Pygmy Goats, Cats, Koi Carp and Cockatiels as well as her beloved Border Collie / Poodle cross called Snowy, pictured.

If all of this weren’t enough Shelley has also volunteered for the Cats Protection League, fostering many kittens over the last few years and also runs an annual Childrens Horse Show, which was originally started by her Mother 35 years ago!